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The ultimate zombie experience awaits ،Are you ready for a survival experience in Sandost forest?

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Virus Name: Necrothrax


Rotfiends were once regular humans who transformed into decayed husks. The Necrothrax virus originated from a failed bio-weapons experiment aimed at creating super soldiers. When the project was sabotaged, the virus leaked into the environment, infecting a large portion of the population.

Virus Composition:

  • Origin: A synthetic amalgam of naturally occurring bacteria and lab-engineered viruses.
  • Mutation: The virus mutates the host’s body to rapidly decay, while keeping their motor functions intact. This results in a ghastly appearance with visible bone and muscle.
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Night Stalker

Virus Name: Nocturnum-12


Night Stalkers evolved when the Necrothrax virus encountered a mutated strain of rabies found in forest predators. These zombies are adept at stealth and exhibit aggressive nocturnal behaviors, becoming significantly more dangerous after dark.

Virus Composition:

  • Origin: Necrothrax combined with a highly infectious rabies strain.
  • Mutation: Enhances eyesight for low-light conditions, increases agility and stealth, and prompts a change in behavior patterns, making the host more active and violent during nighttime.
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Virus Name: Petrivorous Blastus

The Creeper zombie originated when the Necrothrax virus interacted with a soil-based bacterium designed for rapid decomposition of organic matter for agriculture. The resultant mutation turned infected hosts into creeping, ground-hugging monstrosities with volatile internal chemistry. Due to these characteristics, they slide along the ground to approach their prey and explosively detonate when threatened or attacked.

Virus Composition:
Origin: A fusion of the Necrothrax virus with a bacterium programmed to efficiently break down organic waste in soil.
Physical Adaptations: The virus alters the host’s limbs, allowing them to slide smoothly along the ground. It significantly reduces muscle density but implements a powerful adhesive excretion for movement.
Explosive Properties: The internal chemistry of the host changes drastically, creating volatile compounds that can be highly reactive under duress, leading to explosive decompression upon significant impact, such as being shot.

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Virus Name: Hypermysine

Brutes came into existence when a sub-variant of Necrothrax was mixed with a strength-enhancing virus initially designed for heavy-lifting workers. The combination resulted in enormously muscular zombies with an increased pain threshold.

Virus Composition:
Origin: A blend of Necrothrax and gene-altering serum aimed at enhancing muscle growth.
Mutation: Rapidly grows muscle mass while mutating bone density for reinforced structure, leading to increased physical strength and resilience.

The virus has triumphed. The human race is gradually perishing

In a world ravaged by a relentless virus that turns humans into zombies, survival is the only goal. Our story follows a determined protagonist from Camp One, led by an ex-military strategist, Hanks, who is hardened by loss and years of combat. Hanks’ life has been a relentless battle, not just against the undead but also against Moven, a ruthless leader of a formidable group that extorts and terrorizes other camps. As tensions rise and resources dwindle, alliances will be tested, and the fight for survival will intensify. Navigate the perilous forest, make strategic decisions, and uncover the dark secrets of this post-apocalyptic world.